Hello! My name is Yessica Jimenez, also known as Xeroine Illustration and I’m a Xicana illustrator and visual artist based out of Milwaukee Wisconsin.

I was born and raised in Milwaukee and I’ve been drawing since I can remember. I have a BFA in Fine Art from MIAD with a focus in illustration. My work focuses on different aspects of my identity. Some of them include my culture, being a Woman of Color, the daughter of Mexican Immigrants, being Bi/Pan-Sexual, some personal trauma and my forms of spirituality. While my illustrations and paintings are reflections of myself, I look to create images with the hope that others in my communities can also relate to.  

When I’m not creating personal pieces, I often work with local musicians and writers to create album art, merch-designs and book covers. I’m also part of the local art collective named LUNA – Latinas Unidas eN Las Artes. A collective with over 30 local Latinx artists who identify as women or non-binary.

Client list:

Zed Kenzo, Lex Allen, Copy Write Magazine, Diana Mora, Queen Tut, Brown and Bruja apparel, RW FEMFEST, No Stress Collective, Ms Lotus Fhank, AR Wesley, Carvd N Stone, Ms Lotus Fankh.

Find me on Facebook and Instagram under Xeroine Illustration.