Xeroine, or better known as Yessica Jimenez, is a visual artist and illustrator from Milwaukee. She's a MIAD graduate and has worked with a handful of local musicians. Her work focuses on the female identity and spirit to help empower herself and other women of color who find the subject matter in her work relatable. Many of her pieces help spark conversations that may seem tabu or too personal. She believes it is far more difficult to talk about culture, social justice, self love, insecurities, spirituality and traumatic experiences out loud than it is to create works that embody these topics- and then use the art to talk about said topics. 

Xeroine's work can be spotted at many local art and music festivals like the River West FEMFEST and the Brady St Art Walk to name a few. Keep an eye on the "See me at..." folder for updates on upcoming events!

If you're looking to contact her for inquiries on commission work or purchasing already existing work please email her at yessicajimenezmke@gmail.com. 

Make sure you follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr to stay up to date with her incoming work. 

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